Designed & Built by SPARC Team Members

SPARC’s culture is focused on entrepreneurship at every level, and our Team Members often create software to solve our own problems and make our lives better. We created Teamphoria to build and measure engagement and recognition, TurbineDB to crunch big data, and SuitedTo to help us give better job interviews.

5twenty is a cloud-based energy management platform with the tools you need to reduce your building’s energy consumption. Learn more

Teamphoria is an employee engagement platform (EEP) that creates, builds, and measures your organization’s engagement. Learn more

Prepado guides you through the interview process using practice interviews, scheduling tools, and resources to help you land your next big gig. Learn more

TurbineDB is a high-volume event analytics database, providing real-time analysis on billions of data points per second. Learn more

SuitedTo makes interviewing easy through expert questions, candidate management & live interview tools. Learn more

SPARCET is an employee recognition app. Team members can send a virtual “Great job!” to show appreciation. Learn more

Knappsack is a simple, easy-to-use, mobile application management platform designed to make sharing apps with employees and customers painless. Learn more