Software development is our bread and butter, our heart and soul, it’s what we do! We support the full software development life cycle leveraging agile scrum – meaning we’ll be there from the time your idea hatches into a plan through the entire build, deploy, and support process. We take advantage of innovative development and execution platforms to reduce time-to-market, while building enormously scalable, flexible, and reusable applications.

But what we really do different actually isn’t about us, it’s about YOU! Our customers are our partners through the entire development process. Even after the planning is finished and the requirements have been gathered, we want to make sure we build the application side-by-side to ensure that we are meeting your specifications and goals. That’s why we focus on incremental delivery, giving you a chance to deliver feedback every step of the way. This is also supported by cross-functional teams, meaning each discipline is present from the beginning to encompass all areas of software design and development.

Our Software Development services include:

  • Needs Discovery
  • Requirements gathering & management
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design implementation & testing
  • Release management, deployment & maintenance
  • Data migration
  • Core system integration